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How to remove a VW Transporter car stereo - (2005 Onwards)

Items you might need before you start work -


Original stereo image

How to do it step by step

Insert plastic trim tool in front edge of tray above radio nearest to windscreen. This tray then lifts out front first.

Remove the 2 x T 20 torx screw in top of radio, the panel around the radio and heater vents can then be removed using the trim tool again

The 4 x T20 screws circles in green in the picture can now be seen and removed allowing radio to be removed. The radio uses a quadlock connector, not an iso type, so an adaptor will be needed.
There is no ignition live at the quadlock, an ignition live can be found on the back of the fan heater switch or from the fuse box.

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Car Stereo Fitting | Car Stereo Removal | Remove Car Stereo Advice | Fit Car Stereo Help

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