How to remove a Honda Civic car stereo - (2006 to 2009)

Items you might need before you start work -


Original stereo image

How to do it step by step

Remove the panel on the side of the dashboard next to the drivers door.

Now undo the silver screw.

This should now allow for the rest of the under steering wheel cowling to be removed as the rest is on poppers.

Remove 4 bolts in rear section of centre console (2 each side). Disconnect wiring plugs at front of console (cigar lighter & heated seats). Remove console

Now there are 2 trim clips on each side in the drivers and passengers foot wells that need removing, again on the side of the center console.

You should now be able to remove the main console under the radio as the top half is on poppers or pressure clips. Watch out for any electrical plugs attached and disconnect as required.

Now you can remove the top section plate on the top of the dash above the car radio. This is on pressure clips as well.

Remove 3 silver screws as shown, and 2 bolts in metal bracket underneath radio.
Disconnect the wiring loom and aerial to release the stereo.