How to remove a Honda Civic car stereo - (2000 to 2005)

Items you might need before you start work -


Original stereo image

How to do it step by step

Start by popping off the gear stick gator.

Now put your hand in the hole where the rubber was and pull up carefully, unclipping the gear stick silver surround.

You should now see two screws, one on each side under what is left of the center dashboard.

Once undone, on some cars there are some 8mm bolts which you can access with a spanner, undo these. You may need to go through the glove box to get to one of them! This should now allow you to lift the top radio part off.

Then un-clip the top.
Now disconnect the wiring and aerial plugs and any switch wires you see. The radio can now be removed from the fascia panel