How to remove a BMW 5 Series E60 car stereo – (2003 to 2009)

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How to remove a BMW 5 Series E60 car stereo - (2003 to 2009)

The following is a guide on removing a car stereo or car radio from the above vehicle.

Tools and equipment required to complete the job

  • Screwdriver Set
  • Trim Removal Tools

Original Stereo Image for this Vehicle:

How to remove the stereo step by step:

Prise off the silver trim above the stereo. This is on pressure clips and also remove the air vents which just pop out.
We found it easier if you work left to right.

You can now gain access to 2 Philips screws. Undo these.

You may need to use the trim tool to prise the heater controls and silver trim at the bottom forward. Once this section of the console is removed you will see the actual stereo behind it. (Notice how the volume knob pokes through the trim!)
It requires 2 Philips screws to remove the stereo.

Remove radio and disconnect aerial and ISO wiring plugs from back.

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