How to remove a Jaguar XJ6 car stereo – (Most Models)

How to remove a Jaguar XJ6 car stereo - (Most Models)

The following is a guide on removing a car stereo or car radio from the above vehicle.

Tools and equipment required to complete the job

  • Screwdriver Set
  • Trim Removal Tools

Original Stereo Image for this Vehicle:

How to remove the stereo step by step:

Clip off the plastic trim around the gear stick to start with. Then un-plug the switch.

Now lift the centre arm rest and undo the 2 Philips screws here to remove the wooden trim panel / ash tray.

Like so.

You should now have access to the 2 wing nuts on show.

Undo these to remove the last top wooden panel which goes right up to the stereo.

This should now allow access when removed to the remaining parts of the stereo.

Now you can access the screws to remove the stereo. 2 on each side.

Remove radio and disconnect aerial and ISO wiring plugs from back.

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