How to remove a Mercedes C220 car stereo – (2007 Onwards)

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How to remove a Mercedes C220 car stereo - (2007 Onwards)

The following is a guide on removing a car stereo or car radio from the above vehicle.

Tools and equipment required to complete the job

  • Screwdriver Set
  • Trim Removal Tools
  • Torx Screwdrivers

Original Stereo Image for this Vehicle:


How to remove the stereo step by step:


Firstly use a plastic trim tool to remove the heater vents above the radio. second remove the 2 x t20 torx screws on the top of the radio.


Once the screws have been removed there is a small plastic clip that must be moved upwards to release the radio, use a small flat blade screwdriver to do this. There are two, one at each side this picture shows only the one on the left.
The radio can then be removed by inserting the plastic trim tool under the bottom edge of the heated seat panel, the radio slides up and towards you.
The radio uses the popular quad lock plug without an ignition positive, if ignition is required this can be found at the 12v power socket in the back of the glove box.


Remove radio and disconnect aerial and ISO wiring plugs from back.

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